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Employers: Taking the Plunge

How do you decide you're ready to hire a new employee?

If you're a small business or just starting out, it can be hard to take that step into hiring a new full time staff member. At what point are you sure that you will have the workload to keep them busy enough to justify the expense? Even if you hire a part time team member, will you be able to provide them…


How to Vacation as a Freelancer

March Break is approaching, and for many people, that means vacation time!  After a long winter, what better time to take a break and get away? It’s one of the few times that the kids are off school, so you won’t need to worry about them missing any time. For many, it’s as easy as booking your vacation days and going. But if you’re a freelancer, “booking vacation days” is not a term that has…


Need A Fulltime (or Freelance) Web Developer? Pack Your Patience.

Since joining Freelancers Unlimited two years ago, I’ve noticed a big shift in our business in the Greater Toronto Area and I have begun to inform my clients. At the time that I joined, when it came to web-related requests, i.e. web design and web front-end and back-end development, the pattern definitely favoured the need for a freelance or contract web designer, with fewer requests for a developer or coder (we were also getting resource…


Permanent Placement

Think Freelancers for full-time too.

We can help you fill career positions and specialize in connecting the right people to the right job. At Freelancers we pride ourselves on having one of the most current and extensive databases of available candidates. As industry specialists since 1986, we have unrivalled connections in the marketing, communications, advertising and creative services fields with candidates at senior, intermediate and junior levels. Save time and effort. Whether it’s a new Manager…


Why Freelancers?

With hundreds of prescreened professionals on our roster, Freelancers is Canada’s premier source of marketing and creative staff since 1986. Our talent is ready, willing and able to work on a project, hourly or permanent basis. Whether you're in the Greater Toronto Area, St. John's or Vancouver you can depend on Freelancers for excellent service. Corporations, businesses, advertising agencies, design houses, in fact any company with marketing or creative functions can benefit in three distinctly…


Takeaway Projects

Talent by the project

Whenever you have a creative or marketing project you want done by an outside professional, call Freelancers. Perhaps you’re short-staffed, or your project requires a particular expertise, or you are simply looking for a fresh point of view.  Let Freelancers Unlimited connect you to a senior marketing or creative professional with just the right expertise and skills to work for you on an affordable project basis from their home studio or office.


In-House Staffing

Whether your marketing or creative services in-house staffing requirements are senior, intermediate or junior, Freelancers has the temporary staff with the expertise and experience you need. We offer a 4-hour guarantee, and it doesn’t stop there. Our business is built on long-term relationships with our clients, so we follow up on a regular basis to ensure that you're completely satisfied. Our extensive roster includes highly qualified people who can direct, manage or assist, take on…


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