In-House Staffing

Whether your marketing or creative services in-house staffing requirements are senior, intermediate or junior, Freelancers has the temporary staff with the expertise and experience you need. We offer a 4-hour guarantee, and it doesn’t stop there. Our business is built on long-term relationships with our clients, so we follow up on a regular basis to ensure that you’re completely satisfied. Our extensive roster includes highly qualified people who can direct, manage or assist, take on a project on their own or become a member of your team. You choose with Freelancers.

Short or long term
For anything from a minimum of 4 hours to a year or more, call Freelancers for temporary help on your premises.

Temp to perm?
Should you later decide to hire our temporary employee directly, there will be a reduction in our permanent placement fee to reflect the temporary work already invoiced. You win both ways.

Working with us

•  You provide us with details of your requirements, including timing and rates.
•  We source the best candidates for the job.
•  We arrange interviews and portfolio showings (as appropriate).
•  After we confirm your selection, we provide a written agreement, including job
    description, rate, length of contract, cancellation clauses, exclusivity agreement,
    payment terms, etc.
•  We prepare all billing based on the temporary employee’s timesheets, signed by you.
•  Invoicing is done weekly on an hourly basis unless otherwise agreed.
•  We follow up regularly, and on completion conduct a final review to get your feedback
    and ensure complete satisfaction.

Fee Structure

Compare our rates

Choose Freelancers for service and competitive rates. Our Canadian roots mean savings for our clients. We offer very competitive hourly rates; in fact, many clients tell us that our rates are the best in the business. See for yourself by asking us to quote on your next assignment.
Note: The temporary contractor is an employee of Freelancers Unlimited who makes all appropriate deductions and payments associated with this classification of worker.

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