Permanent Placement

Think Freelancers for full-time too.

We can help you fill career positions and specialize in connecting the right people to the right job. At Freelancers we pride ourselves on having one of the most current and extensive databases of available candidates. As industry specialists since 1986, we have unrivalled connections in the marketing, communications, advertising and creative services fields with candidates at senior, intermediate and junior levels. Save time and effort. Whether it’s a new Manager of Corporate Communications, an acclaimed Graphic Designer or DTP whiz, an experienced Senior Writer, or other creative or marketing professional, let Freelancers help you find the right person.

Working with us

•  We work with you to clarify your requirements, review the job description, and discuss corporate culture and expectations.
•  We source the best candidates and assess each based on how well they fit your needs.
•  We interview each candidate.
•  Following careful scrutiny, we present you with a range of candidates, prescreened for the best fit for your needs.
•  We schedule all interviews, provide reference checks when requested, and are involved in negotiations as appropriate.

Fee Structure

No up-front fee.

We are paid on a contingency basis with no up-front fee. Our fee is a percentage of the new employee’s first year compensation. Please call for details.

Satisfaction guaranteed.

All matches are guaranteed on a sliding scale according to the seniority of the position.

Temporary to permanent?

When one of our temporary employees is moving from contract to a full-time position with the same company, our permanent placement fee is reduced to reflect the temporary work already invoiced. Win-win again.

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