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Talent by the project
Whenever you have a creative or marketing project you want done by an outside professional, call Freelancers. Perhaps you’re short-staffed, or your project requires a particular expertise, or you are simply looking for a fresh point of view.  Let Freelancers Unlimited connect you to a senior marketing or creative professional with just the right expertise and skills to work for you on an affordable project basis from their home studio or office.

You benefit:
•  Because of their low overheads, freelancers tend to be more cost-effective than hiring a full service agency.
•  You work with the same quality senior talent you would have worked with through an ad or communications agency, but directly with an individual rather than a large company.
•  Each of our freelancers is a self-employed creative or marketing professional dedicated to his / her craft, and willing to succeed solely on their performance.
•  Flexible and responsive, freelancers will do what it takes to get the job done. You are important to them. To get some idea of the wide variety of projects our freelancers have successfully undertaken look under Sample Projects.

Think how Freelancers can help your company.

Working with us

•  You provide us with a detailed project description, timeline and budget.
•  We source the best candidates for the job.
•  We confirm their availability and email resumes and samples of their work to you.
•  If requested, we arrange interviews and portfolio showings for your selected candidate(s).
•  After you brief the selected specialist, we provide a written quote.
•  You work directly with your specialist until the job is completed, although we are available throughout to help facilitate the process.
•  We handle all invoicing and collection on the specialist’s behalf.
•  We conduct a follow-up with you to get your feedback and ensure complete satisfaction.

Fee Structure

It costs you nothing to explore how Freelancers can help

Freelancers Unlimited acts as agent for the independent service providers. Our 10% agency commission is included in any quote to you. You are under no obligation and no fees are incurred until you actually contract the services of one of our freelancers. Why not give us a call?

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