Why Freelancers?

With hundreds of prescreened professionals on our roster, Freelancers is Canada’s premier source of marketing and creative staff since 1986. Our talent is ready, willing and able to work on a project, hourly or permanent basis. Whether you’re in the Greater Toronto Area, St. John’s or Vancouver you can depend on Freelancers for excellent service. Corporations, businesses, advertising agencies, design houses, in fact any company with marketing or creative functions can benefit in three distinctly different ways:

1. Takeaway project work
Big job coming up and everybody’s busy? Call on one of our talented and capable freelancers for a one-off assignment. Or develop a flexible working partnership with a senior professional as a cost-effective way to enhance existing creative or marketing resources.

2. In-house staffing (short and long term).
Someone going on holiday or maternity leave? Need help during a busy time or the resources to tackle a special project or promising opportunity? Let us connect you with the right person at the right time.

3. Permanent placement
We are always ready to assist you in your job search by providing ideal candidates for you to interview. You can benefit from our years of experience and contacts in the marketing and creative fields by calling on us.

We know our business. We know our clients. And we know our freelancers.

Recognized for our ability to create solid relationships, we at Freelancers Unlimited believe that our job is to match not only the right job skills but also the right personality. As a medium-sized, owner-operated, local organization, we are hands-on with each placement. We’ll ensure that candidates will fit your particular corporate culture. Our aim is to develop long-term working partnerships with our clients based on our knowledge of your needs and concerns, our reasonable rates and the star talent we can bring to you.

Depend on us to source the perfect person for you.

Cost-efficient staffing solutions
Our rates are very competitive – in fact maybe the best in the field – for takeaway, in-house or permanent placement.  For temporary personnel, hourly rates can range from $25 to over $100 for very senior people, with many seasoned professionals in the $40 to $80 an hour range. Fees for takeaway projects are based on the individual freelancers’ rates. Many jobs can be quoted on a project basis or we can work to your budget. Call us today for an estimate or a more precise quotation for your job.

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